We Are:

  • A Major Manufacturer of Quality Solvent Cements
  • Specialized in This Area of the Plastic Pipe Industry
  • Quality and Service Focused
  • Third-party Tested and Certified by NSF

We Have:

  • Developed Our Business Since 1964
  • A Modern Plant Built Specifically to Manufacture Cements
  • Grown With and Helped the Plastic Pipe Industry Grow
  • Earned a Good Reputation for the Arrow Name

We Do:

  • Offer You a Complete Line of Quality Solvent Cement Products
  • Thoroughly Test Our Products to Exceed Industry Standards
  • Maintain a Modern Testing Laboratory
  • Support ASTM and PPFA to Assure Good Standards For You

We Pledge To:

  • Supply You With the Best Products Possible
  • Back You Up with Excellent Technical Service
  • Provide the Individual Service You Require
  • Work Efficiently and Fairly With You
  • Assist You to Properly Use and/or Market Our Products