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  • A-10 is a heavy duty, all purpose, non-seizing, PTFE thread sealing compound that produces a leak-proof seal on all types of plastic and metal threaded connections.
  • It is a smooth, grit free, completely homogenized PTFE paste .
  • Listed by NSF International for compliance with NSF/ANSI Standard 14, NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for use on potable water, drain, waste, vent and sewer applications (pw-G-dwv-sw) and NSF/ANSI Standard 372 ‘lead free’.
  • White

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Case Quantity

A-10-4 4 oz THREAD SEALANT White 24
A-10-2 8 oz THREAD SEALANT White 24
A-10-P 16 oz THREAD SEALANT White 24
A-10-Q 32 oz THREAD SEALANT White 12